Best 2010 Car of the Year in our opinion

Because we have the opportunity to experientially learn about the latest car appearing in showrooms, we are forced to break the rules. Just hard to sleep when you read reviews about products color presses applicants not to anything else in automotive technology, in addition to the package. Anticipates that in the plebiscite of 2011 COTY probably not win the Dacia Duster. It is a pity because it is the only car among the finalists, which brings something. It is a pity that only the price.

Walk around the Palexpo-Geneva 2010

Before you know the latest designers and constructors' visions for the year 2011 is not just back a bit at a time and go back under the roof of the Geneva Palexpo for 80 cars. Behind us is already filled with commercialism NAIAS in Detroit. Hopefully, in Geneva, as usual, will be different. With stylists, engineers and visionaries will return a bit of romanticism associated with the automotive industry for over a century.

The first decade of the twenty-first century-the Geneva Motor Show

Just before the opening of the 1981 Geneva Motor Show, we go back in time. Twentieth century futurists predicted we will then ride in the next century. In his last years, developments in electronics and information passed all expectations. Salon of 2000 was supposed to give a foretaste of the development of automotive industry in the coming century

Car-Geneva 2011

After 45 releases on the NAIAS in Detroit salon counted on about 60 in Geneva. Meanwhile, the Palexpo can be viewed at least 110 world premieres.

Toyota RAV 4 2019 Gazoo Racing

W roku 1993 zaprezentowano Toyotę RAV. Pierwszy samochód który jeździlłw terenie jak Jeep a wyglądał zupełnie cywilnie i pięknie. Być może RAV niechcący stworzył nowy segment samochodów.